Super Girl

Super Girl

Intro : Dm A# C Dm A# C 2x

It’s not suppose to feel
A#                   C
It’s not suppose to be like this
Dm           A#        C
I’m not what I used to be

I feel that I can’t breath
A#                   C
I feel that I can’t be my self
Gm               C
Strong when I’m alone

Dm                     A#        C
I’d try to get you out of my mind
Dm                       A#     C
And many times I try to step on the ground
Dm                           A#       C
But shades of you, taste of you, smell of you
Gm             B
Oh spinning on my head…
Gm          B
Going crazy just because of you

Take me out of here…
Take me out of here…
A#               C
I’m not my self, not I used to be
Yes, I am strong
C               A#
I used to be a supergirl
Well I just miss being me

Int : Dm A# C Dm A# C 2x

Dm A#  C                    Dm       A#   C
So long, I’ve blame my self dreamin about you
Dm                    A#           C
I don’t want to stop and I hate to be alone
Gm                C
Just tell me where you are

Dm                     A#   B
I’m looking for you at many places
Dm                        A#        C
Never bored asking people about where you are
Dm                               A#         C
Hey don’t you dare treat me like you don’t know me
Now you’re out of my world
A#       C
Don’t know where to find you

Back to Reff:

Gm C#M7/D#              Gm
No.. that strong little girl
C#M7/D#             Gm  Am A# C
No.. I don’t wanna be alone

C                C                F C D# A# C
You control me.. you control me.. oh..
F                C             D# A# C
You control me.. you control me
F           C            D#
The way you are makes me don’t wanna go
A#        C
Won’t be alone anymore

Coda :
F C D# A# C
F D# Dm A# C
F D# Dm A# C
You control me..

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